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Funky Android Ltd.

Funky Android Ltd. has been involved in the Android community since late 2008 and have extensive knowledge of both the technical aspects of Android and the communities surrounding it. In 2011 we acquired Enterprise Data Safe Ltd. to add to our server side resources and diversify our business.

Since our incorporation in late 2008 we have worked on a variety of projects with OEMs, hardware distributors, and other companies to develop solutions to meet their requirements. Our expertise covers both the server and client environments allowing us to create systems which take into account the requirements of both.

Our Enterprise Password Safe password management product, which we gained the rights to as part of our acquisition of Enterprise Data Safe Ltd., is in use by companies of all sizes around the world and has become a core part of many companies operational procedures over the last ten years. It's actively developed and Funky Android have made a significant investment in ensuring its continued improvement.

We are always interested in new opportunities, so if you have an idea that you'd like to discuss, please get in touch.